Writing again.

Posted on 22.02.2015

It has been a while since I have regularly written a blog and as someone who loves to write, be it to explain technical content or for fun, I feel this is somewhat of an oversight on my part not to be writing.

I had one major requirement from my new site. I wanted it to be very easy to maintain and essentially be written in markdown with the posts being as easy to extract from the site as simple markdown files. My previous incarnation of a blog was a beautiful piece of work, but the markdown extraction was not nearly so easy and moving sites was a pain.

Of course, I've kept my trusty mathjax, so I can still write $\text{prov}(\neg 0=1)$. I managed to learn a few bits on the way as well, such as em notation for font sizing. No longer will my site scale horrendously when you increase the text size.

There's a few things still to do here and as I am quite busy this may take some time.

Until the next post, then.